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My Campus Health provides a contemporary cloud based application to assist in the mental health management of students.

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Health Cloud is our flagship application and is designed for the management of student health within and beyond the campus. Health cloud caters for the full cycle of student engagement.

Bringing Organisational Health Management to Life Since 2011

Our interaction with the health and wellbeing industry has led My Workplace Health to create a customisable suite of interactive software applications which enables organisations to effectively and efficiently manage their employees health.

From our centralised management hub ‘Health Cloud‘, clients can employ the functionality of our many satellite applications to build unique services which cater to their needs.

Coined by the Greek philosopher Plato, the term ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ best describes how My Workplace Health came to exist.

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International Students and Mental Health

International Students require specific mental health engagement and support in order for them to successfully participate in, and complete their studies. Moving overseas into unfamiliar environments without their normal family and friendship support networks, students are presented with unique cultural, financial, wellbeing and lifestyle challenges that, if left unchecked, can result in the deterioration of their mental health.

‘Providing support for students is now a critical component of promoting the successful integration and maintenance of a regular university study program.’

The Mental Health of international students is a significant concern.

Approximately 30% of International University students do not complete their degrees.

Based on average tuition fees and non-completion rates, the loss of value for universities is approximately $7.8 billion- or $22,500 per student.

Cultural shock forms a sharp peak during Semester 1 and Semester 2 of the 1st year of studies.

The BUPA 2019 'Mental Wellbeing Survey of Prospective International and Overseas Students' found;

A significant proportion of students scored highly on the measure of loneliness, stress, anxiety and pressure.

1 in 3 were not certain they could access social support in a time of need.

A number of challenges can be overcome through nurturing mental health.

influencing the
mental health of
International Students

There may be reluctance to seek help or an inability to access resources which provide suitable assistance. Dealing with cultural stigmas, trust and losing face through seeking traditional support services is common.

Living off-campus and unfamiliarity of independence including cooking, cleaning, budgeting, transport, relationships and employment each propose a set of challenges.

Student Health Model

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