Events and Assessments Made

The Book Me application provides a modern, blank solution for the management of events or roll-outs within your organisation. It includes functionality for customised assessments and programs that allow individuals to register for, and complete any material attached to the event.

The applications link with the Health Cloud Application allows for user access depending on security authorisation, which will determine the view and permissions allowed within different component of the software

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Alongside the Book Me Application, you will also receive an adjusted version of our main software application: Health Cloud.

Health Cloud is the one-stop shop for those in your company who have been granted administrative access. Health Cloud contains all the information, tools and steps that you will need to set up the Book Me Software.

Health Cloud is where you will set up the parameters of your even and/or assessment. On this screen, you will be able to choose what will apply to your program through a series of toggle buttons, allowing you to customise the title, access level, and choose the assessment attached to your program!

Each program created by your company has the ability to have an attached online questionnaire that your employees can self complete before the session. These questionnaires can be used to pre-screen employees for certain issues, have them complete home-based modules, or in instances where an online booking is needed, to have your participant complete the whole assessment remotely. 

These assessments are fully customisable and can be created by your peers. Examples of assessments that already exist within our system are Skin Checks, Mental Health Checks, and Physical Health Examinations.