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My Campus Health helps to actively improve student health and wellbeing. We understand the challenges associated with adjusting to new environments and maintaining academic performance. Our software enables institutions to address the needs of students who are dealing with mental health  challenges.  



Student Engagement Process

International Students require specific mental health engagement and support in order for them to successfully participate in, and complete their studies. Moving overseas into unfamiliar environments without their normal family and friendship support networks, students are presented with unique cultural, financial, wellbeing and lifestyle challenges that, if left unchecked, can result in the deterioration of their mental health. Providing support is now a critical component towards promoting the successful integration and maintenance of a regular university study program.

Take control of your Student Mental Health with these easy to follow steps;


Healthy Me is used widely for mental health programs such as questionnaires, survey and psychometric testing for all mental health and well being services.

All students can have access to Healthy Me,  and institutions utilise this app to distribute questionnaires (including privacy consent) and any health surveys, questionnaires or health assessments where the student needs to add content.

By eliminating a paper based system, Healthy Me allows you to interact with students and react instantly to pending health issues on an individual and group level. Tracking and monitoring trends in all aspects of mental health has never been easier or available at your fingertips. Healthy Me offers an end to end secure encryption process to health data and forms a part of the overall Electronic Health Record (EHR) for students. Data is encrypted at a 256b level as well as encryption at rest. 2 Factor Authentication is available as an added layer of security using SMS and Email deployed capabilities.


Send any health assessment surveys or questionnaires to students to be completed online via our secure application.


Real time engagement results in real time trend analysis.


Health schemes and health wallets available in real time for students to track and monitor their health spend.

In addition, the Healthy ME application has a results section whereby all historical results, tracked over time, are displayed. This includes biometric results, mental health questionnaires and other health assessments as required. For any assessments or questionnaires completed, institutions can deploy health alerts to identify disproportionate responses, which are also displayed for the student to action. Health Management is something we should be doing with our students, not to them!

We have also deployed Health Schemes containing health wallets and health item spends for organisations to control health spend money and display results for individuals. In addition, we have a diagnosis/pharmacy component, both of which could be switched off if not required.

Healthy ME can be white badged to accommodate your look and feel and we have a library section in this application, whereby responses that elicit higher risk responses (i.e. smoking, drinking etc), relevant organisational material, in the form of a PDF or hyperlink, would be made available for the individual to read and resource accordingly.

Healthy ME has been designed to work on mobile devices for an anywhere, anytime, and device approach. The application resizes itself and recognises which device it is to be displayed on.

Healthy Me is ideal for any educational institution, whereby you can engage with your students in the health arena to drive better and more sustainable outcomes.


Our Survey Me application enables educational institutions to survey students using complete anonymity in a 256b Encrypted, secure application with all data stored in Australia and not overseas.

If you are using other survey tools, its probable that your data is being stored overseas and if that data is health sensitive, its probably in contravention of Australian health data legislation. Our solution affords educational institutions the ability to generate a link via email or SMS with a unique, student code for a one-time-only response capability to ensure that the quality of the data and responses are purposeful.

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Our solution affords educational institutions the ability to generate a link via email or SMS with a unique, student code for a one-time-only response capability to ensure that the quality of the data and responses are purposeful.

Using this solution allows you to pulse survey sensitive topics and engage with students using total anonymity to ensure that answers are honest and accurate with no repercussions for students. As responses are collated, you have access to a desktop reporting page, allowing you to see all the responses in out of the box graphs and tables, with the ability to print or export for reporting. Set up different pulse questionnaires by region, department or occupation to obtain drilled down data capability for analysis and immediate, actionable intelligence. 


Depending on the size of your organisation, you may or may not have a dedicated Student System.

This application is designed for easy release via email or SMS with a unique code that allows students to access a student Kiosk to upload their data and contact details, as well as any students next of kin contact information. This application can convert to any language, allowing students to upload information in their native language which is instantly converted to English for your review. Uploaded into an interim table, you can check the data and import directly into our Health Cloud solution.


The entire Assist ME application is wrapped in the same security features for the Health Cloud application. Each student has a unique, system generated ID code for students to use, which you can send in your email or SMS invitation.

DDos (Denial of Service), 256b Encryption and load balancing to ensure those accessing are eligible and their data is secured in accordance with health legislation.


The Assist ME application has a drop down selector allowing the individual to select their language of choice. This means that all questions and select lists are language converted and you can ensure that the information being provided to you is accurate and current. When the data is imported back into our Health Cloud application through an interim table, all contents are converted back into English.


To ensure data accuracy and sovereignty, data created by your students and or/dependants is loaded into an interim table which you can check before clicking on the upload. This is done from within your health cloud screen so no need for any additional software or 3rd party solutions. As a function in the upload process, each student is assigned a unique Patient I.D.

Whether you have 10 students or 1000’s, your students do the work for you and upload their own records so there is always one source of the truth, and what better source than the student themselves! Your security concerns are alleviated as this is all done in our 256b encrypted, secure environment and all data is stored in Australia.

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