The Peer Responder application provides an electronic solution for emergency service departments to record and track their individual peer programs as well as provide de-identified statistics. It also includes functionality for other custom functions- for example, tracking leave.

The solution has been built around multiple levels of access, with users allocated to different levels. This allows clients to restrict different groups of employees to only see and submit their own reports, see and submit reports for themselves and their team, or have administrative access. Ultimately, user defined security permissions determine the view and access to components of the software as required.

Peer Responder permits anonymity to the member being reported on. De-identified Data is information from a record which has been stripped of all ‘direct identifiers’- blocking all information that could be used to determine the person in question.

This is an essential part of gaining users trust. Members of society who want to seek help after an incident or event rarely wish to have their details recorded, and often stray from seeking help because of this matter. Peer Responder provides the confidentiality that your employees need, however, will still allow you to pull and view de-identified statistics, highlighting trends and patterns within your organisation.

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